About Us

Bushido Shin Renmei
International friendship & Harmony through Budo

founded 10th of November 2010 in Melbourne/Australia

Bushido Shin Renmei is an International Organisation with a mission to unite like minded martial artists and promote high ethical standards (Bushido Code of Ethics) amongst affiliated Members/Dojo/Organisations.

To become affiliated or for your Dojo/Organisation to become an affiliated member of Bushido Shin Renmei you need to contact your National Bushido Shin Renmei Representative. If your country has yet to be assigned a National Representative, complete the "Contact Us" form and you will be contacted by a member of the Honbu Board. Bushido Shin Renmei is a non-profit organisation, membership is free!

Affiliated Dojo/Organisations will receive a certificate of affiliation and members will receive a membership card which shows their Name, Dojo Title, Country and Member since. The membership card will only be replaced (for a small fee) if it is lost or your personal details have changed.

Bushido Shin Renmei expects all of its members to adhere to the high ethical standards of the Bushido code of ethics. Violation of the Code will result in a hearing by the Honbu Board which may result in removal of membership.

After recommendation from their National Representative a member may apply to the Honbu Board for recognition of their Dojo Title. The Dojo Titles recognised by Bushido Shin Renmei are listed below.

Spirit Titles
  • Dooshi
  • Tasshi
  • Renshi
  • Kyoshi
  • Hanshi

Technical Titles
  • Fuko Shidoin
  • Shidoin
  • Shihan Dai
  • Shihan
  • So Shihan

The Honbu-Board elect the President of BSR for 3 years. This Board also announce for every Nation a Representative, first for 2 years, after this for 3 years. The Representative is responsible to the BSR and also to the affiliated members from his/her country.

Structure of the Bushido-Shin-Renmei